Even though Captain Ginyu himself survived the encounter with Vegeta, he was later killed by him in … He became known for his participation on the 1971 Virginia State Champion football T. C. Williams High School team and their portrayal in the Disney film Remember the Titans.He was the … During the occurring on planet Namek, Burter fights the Saiyan Goku, and is easily defeated by him in battle, and subsequently killed … Jeice and Ginyu arrived at the battlefield … Guldo - Head cut off by Vegeta with a laser, then killed with an energy blast. Vegeta killing Burter (and Recoome) not only directly contrasts him with Goku, it plays off the themes of nature vs nurture introduced in the Saiyan arc. Burter - After being knocked out by Goku, he was killed when Vegeta stomped on his throat with his knee Burter Universe 8 Alive Burter is a member of the Ginyu Force. Burter is one of the Ginyu Force who work for Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. Burter (バータ, Bāta) is an elite soldier under the command of Freeza and a member of Freeza's top team of henchmen, the Ginyu Force. Gerry Bertier (/ ˈ ɡ ɛr i /, with a hard "G"; August 20, 1953 – March 20, 1981) was a high school American football player and Paralympian. Main Plot Summary. 3.4 Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans 4 Assists 5 See also … Following Jeice, Burter joined the force, who was soon followed by Recoome, one of the strongest in their ranks, and Guldo was the last one of the lot to join. Plot Involvement . - Frank Reynolds. Goku– a Saiyan raised on Earth– doesn’t instinctively kill, whereas Vegeta– a Saiyan born and raised on Planet Vegeta– is representative of Saiyan culture as a whole. Interestingly, Guldo was also the weakest of the lot. Burter and Jeice may be too much for Vegeta who killed Monster Zarbon before making his recovery with the senzu bean. When I'm dead, just throw me in the trash." Goose - Killed offscreen by Ginyu because he didn't have enough style to be on the Ginyu Force. Burter retrieved a Dragonball that … Captain Ginyu Saga. The Ginyu Force are an elite group of fighters who work for Frieza in Dragonball Z. He and Jeice often fight together. 1 Dragon Ball Z 1.1 Vegeta Saga 1.2 Namek Saga/Captain Ginyu Saga 1.3 Androids Saga 1.4 Babidi Saga 2 Dragon Ball GT 3 Movies 3.1 Bardock - The Father of Goku 3.2 The Return of Cooler 3.3 Super Android 13! Burter and Jeice unsuccessfully tried several ways of defeating Goku, and eventually Goku defeated Burter, knocking him out. They each have their own colorcode and special ability, giving them an undeniable similarity to Sailor Moon. In Universe 18, Burter tagged up with Jeice and was easily defeated by Gokū and later killed by Vegeta.However, in Universe 8, Freeza and the majority of his henchmen are still alive.His best friend … Strock - Killed offscreen by Ginyu because he didn't have enough style to be on the Ginyu Force. He has blue skin and red eyes. "I'm not gonna be buried in a grave. The entire list of all characters who are actually killed by Vegeta. Burter, though in strength comparable to fellow team members, Jeice and Recoome, is mostly known for his incredible speed, said to be the fastest in the universe. (Time Tricks and Body Binds) Burter - Knocked out by Goku, then … Jeice ran off to get Ginyu, whom Frieza had left behind at his spaceship to guard the Dragonballs. Vegeta killed Burter and Recoome while they were unconscious. Zarbon and Dodoria would be 5 and 6 respectively. He is the biggest of the Ginyu Force, and also the fastest, possessing incredible super speed that can make others look like they're moving in slow motion. Burter is also a member (third) of the Ginyu Force, and you will have to face him along with Jeice at his side in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.